6 Keys for Choosing & Managing a Third Party Logistics Provider

We found this excellent Supply Chain Expert Community blog post we thought was worth sharing. Choosing a 3PL and Managing the Transition gives insight into selecting a 3PL, sharing information, establishing a vendor-managed inventory program and more.

The article give these key pieces of advice:

  1. View your logistics provider as a partner, rather than a vendor.
  2. Understand that the relationship has to be a “win” for both manufacturer and 3PL for it to work.
  3. Share information upfront – during implementation – rather than down the road.
  4. Be sure to establish a comprehensive Vendor Managed Inventory Program and utilize all relevant 3PL capabilities (for a list of G&D Integrated’s distribution services: click here).
  5. Establish a list of “success criteria” or “key performance indicators” for the partnership.
  6. Be sure not to neglect any internal or external entities that will be effected by the transition.

Head over to the Kinaxis Supply Chain Expert Community to read the whole article and watch a video interview with supply chain consultant Jason Vag of Sonoma Consulting Inc.