Does Your 3PL Innovate?

DC Velocity recently published a blog post, Are you keeping your 3PL from innovating?the gist of which is that while many shippers are frustrated with the perceived lack of innovation from their 3PL suppliers, they may need to look internally to find a solution.

The five introspective questions she asks are as follows:

  • Are you constantly bidding and rebidding the business?
  • Are you preventing your 3PL from getting the big picture?
  • Do you talk only about daily operations with your 3PL?
  • Are you paying your 3PL for activities instead of outcomes?
  • Are you unwilling to pay for innovation?

That said, it is not only fair, but proper, to hold your 3PL to high standards. With so many choices in the marketplace, settling for less than the best should not be a solution. 3PLs must be willing to innovate and focus on continual process improvement. This can’t be a haphazard process, but rather one that is built into the fabric of the organization.

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