3PL Industry Estimated to Experience 12% Growth in 2013

Inbound Logistics’ blog post, Trends – 2013, takes a wide angle view on trends in logistics, covering a few topics, but the most insightful covered the resurgence of American manufacturing and a 3PL’s ability to provide an advantage over competitors. 

American Manufacturing

As domestic energy becomes cheaper and the price of production in East Asia becomes more expensive, many companies are now finding that it is more cost-effective to bring manufacturing back closer to home. Although this shift could have a big impact on the U.S. economy, large structural changes will need to be made first. Since the decline in American manufacturing, equipment has been maintained inadequately and industry knowledge has been lost as older workers retire. These two resources will need to be replenished for American manufacturing to experience a renaissance.

Whether manufacturing comes back to the U.S. or not, American companies will be selling to customers overseas more than ever in the next 15 years. This blog post sites that one billion people will enter the middle class in the next 15 years, bringing with them an estimate $14 trillion in consuming power. As more American companies increase their overseas exports, every step of their logistics chains will become more important. Companies that embrace logistics streamlining will be prepared to thrive in the ever growing global marketplace.

3PL Providing and Advantage

Inbound Logistics provides a transcript from KC SmartPort’s second-annual Momentum industry forum in April.

The most insightful response was this one:

Data has become critical to the global supply chain. Understand how to integrate data so you can feed it into your 3PL. Accurate, real-time information is key to finding the best solutions.

Data alone is just numbers and spreadsheets, but with the right analysis data can help eliminate inefficiencies in your inbound supply chain, saving you money in the process.

At G&D, we’ve helped all of our clients understand the power this data can have on improving their inbound shipping logistics. Collecting data is one thing, but it takes a partner with industry knowledge and decades of experience use that data to streamline your inbound logistics.

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