2014 Supply Chain Predictions

With the onset of each new year, analysts begin making predictions of things to come. Some happen. Some don’t. Some are based on fact, others on wishful thinking. We found the set of predictions put forth by IDC Manufacturing Insights to be some of the better ones we’ve seen this year.

We are specifically interested in predictions 3, 4, and 6 – all of which relate directly to our expertise and specialization as a provider of integrated logistics and supply chain services.

Prediction #3: Volatile demand and extending supply will put pressure on supply networks to be closer to demand.

For manufacturers, one of the ways to employ a strategy of having supply networks closer to demand is by establishing a VMI/consignment warehouse near the point of use. Working with the right 3PL partner is a good way to employ the strategy of having supply networks close to demand. G&D has extensive VMI capabilities including the facilities, necessary equipment, technology, and engineering resources to execute on any VMI and consignment challenge. In addition, we have all the resources and logistics experts to execute on time-critical distribution and fulfillment operations for outbound logistics challenges.

Prediction #4: The need to be faster will require manufacturers to explore more deeply integrated supply chain planning and fulfillment functions.

G&D as a 3PL tends to get much more vertically integrated in our customers’ manufacturing operations than most of our competitors. We regularly design, orchestrate and execute on mission critical logistics activities on behalf of our major partners. Our integration capabilities include much more than just moving materials from point A to point B. We involve our people, processes and IT/systems to completely integrate in to our partners manufacturing processes.

Prediction #6: Manufacturers will prioritize risk and resilience capabilities, particularly in supply chain monitoring and visibility.

Understanding that most OEMs/manufacturers don’t like dealing with changing demand and market conditions, G&D provides a viable solution that is easily adjusted and refocused based on demand cycles. Because we manage many aspects of the supply chain planning process, as well as the execution on key logistics activities, we are able to take that burden off of your plate. In doing so, we provide a more efficient operation, with a continuous improvement team backing each and every operation.

Read all of the predictions here: IDC Manufacturing Insights Releases Supply Chain Strategies Predictions for 2014.