Bolster your business by learning “163 Ways to Supercharge Your Supply Chain

We all know that supply chain and logistics management is no walk in the park. Whether you’re dealing with domestic or international suppliers, there are many regulations and areas of compliance that must be accounted for. G&D Integrated strives to bring the highest quality transportation, distribution and manufacturing logistics services together – all in one place. To achieve this goal, G&D Integrated constantly looks for new methods of improvement. During our search, we read a recent staff article by Inbound Logistics, “163 Ways to Supercharge Your Supply Chain” that touches on many ways to attain your organizational improvement goals.

The bulleted list of suggestions is ordered by category. These include: Global Logistics, Expedited Shipping, Warehousing, Trucking, 3PLs, Supply Chain Optimization, Maritime, Security, and Risk Management.

You might think it would take a hardcover book to explain 163 different methods, but this article accomplishes that in 163 bullet points. Take a look, and learn how to supercharge your supply chain.

A few salient points from the article

120. Consolidate LCL freight to full 40-foot and high-cube containers. When multiple shippers send freight to the same destination, combining the shipments can create savings.

When you can combine shipments, it can mean big savings on the transportation side of the business. G&D Integrated can take it a step further by helping to map which shipments to combine and setting up a consignment operation that is run and managed by a common 3rd party expert. This can result in major savings in a manufacturing environment. Read this success G&D success story for more.

39. Use Lean tools, such as value stream mapping, to create a blueprint for improvement. Value stream mapping is the process of establishing a clear picture of product and information flow. It depicts both current state and desired future state, in ways all team members can understand…

G&D Integrated is dedicated to using Lean tools and practices to better perform. We have reduced material pick time by 66% for one of our major OEM customers by implementing Lean tools and best practices. Lean logistics practices make supply chains more compact and balances the receipt and delivery of goods. These tools and practices can also be used to standardize warehouse processes and optimize delivery.

42. Aim for a just-in-time (JIT) strategy. Just-in-time warehouse management strives to eliminate the waiting, storing, and unnecessary movement of product, materials, or information. The goal is to establish as close to continuous flow as possible without constant movement and the need for intermediate steps…

JIT strategies foster inventory and lead time reduction for many fabricated and other core components. G&D Integrated provides JIT delivery, and has a long history of exceeding performance metrics by doing so. JIT delivery eliminates the storing and unnecessary movement of information, materials, and product. Its goal is continuous flow, whether information or tangible goods are involved. Maintaining the ideal flow reduces opportunities for process errors to occur.

Here are just a few statistics that speak to the power of these (and the other 163) points listed in the article. By using these best practices, G&D has successfully accomplished the following wins on behalf of their major OEM customers:

  • Defects/million reduced 90%
  • Injury frequency reduced 60%
  • Total costs reduced 8.5%
  • 99% delivery performance in key lanes
  • 30% reduction in cost per move
  • 15% reduction in trailer costs

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