Reshoring Statistics Suggest American Manufacturing Resurgence is Imminent

If you have paid any attention to the state of the Manufacturing industry over the past 25 years, you know about the trend of “sending manufacturing overseas.” That could be changing.

In Bob Adelmann’s September 2013 post, “America’s Reshoring of Jobs is Accelerating,” he states that “more than half of 200 U.S. companies with sales greater than $1 billion are moving jobs back to the United States, or are planning to, within the next two years.”

His article offers some additional insight we felt worth sharing:

  • Between 2.5 million and 5 million new jobs will be created in U.S. manufacturing before the end of the decade. This is estimated to bring down the unemployment rate by between two and three full percentage points.
  • Since 2005, U.S. exports have been growing more than seven times faster than the country’s economy as a whole.
  • Exports from the United States are now at their highest point in 50 years.
  • By 2015, average manufacturing costs in the five major advanced export economies— Germany, Japan, France, Italy and the UK — will be 8 to 18 percent higher than in the U.S….
  • The U.S. could capture up to 5 percent of total exports (almost one trillion dollars) from these countries by the end of the decade.

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