Use The Reshoring Initiative’s TCO calculator to lower operating and logistics costs

Manufacturing giants like General Electric, Ford, Wal-Mart and Nike are investing heavily in reshoring initiatives. Wal-Mart will increase sourcing of American-made products by $50 billion over the next decade, while GE will move production of high-end refrigerators from China and Mexico to Louisville. Nike and Ford will each invest more than $150 million in reshoring because with exports from the U.S. at the highest point in 50 years doing so makes both dollars and sense.

Take a look at The Reshoring Initiative’s total cost of ownership (TCO) calculator and find out how this complex model can help your organization understand the effect reshoring could have on your business. Customers, colleagues and experts we’ve spoken with fins this free tool valuable for many reasons, including:

  • Calculations are based on your unique data. Users may skip values that are not essential
  • Provides a total cost for each source, enabling direct comparisons
  • Incorporates 29 cost factors
  • Offers automatic calculation of freight rates for 17 countries
  • Provides duty rate calculations for parts or tools

Try the TCO calculator.

When you factor in your total cost of ownership, you may find the value provided by shorter lead times far outweighs the cost benefits of overseas production. If you are looking for a more nimble supply chain that’s closer to your client base, G&D can help. We can assist in a number of areas including:

  • Manufacturing Logistics Services
  • Distribution and Aftermarket Parts Distribution
  • Transportation – With Asset and Brokerage Capabilities

Gain insightful analysis of your total costs determine if you can reduce operating costs through reshoring. After you calculate and see the results of a potential reshoring initiative, give us a call at 614.219.6066 so that we can discuss how you can maximize your competitive advantage through this and many other methods.