Inefficient warehouse operations and transportation delivery delays can do quick and lasting damage to your company’s reputation with customers. Whether you’re experiencing the need for logistics management for the first time or have an established play in the supply chain, G&D Integrated is ready to partner with you. With our integrated logistics services solutions expertise, we are fully prepared to work with you on most business challenges to address logistics efficiency, spend, start-up, expansion or consolidation, through total transformation and more.

Our Approach

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G&D Integrated uniquely provides a hybrid offering of 3PL services that integrates the advantages of the following forms of 3PL services to assure site/service capabilities with flexibility for site location and asset utilization.

Asset Based 3PL – where facilities, equipment, and critical personnel are fully owned, controlled for directly addressing warehousing needs of client partners typically via structured solutions.

Non-Asset Based 3PL – where facilities and equipment are wholly-leased, and resources are outsourced for a defined solution providing flexible or adaptable solutions.

Additionally, establishing a hybrid offering with the integration of a dedicated transportation fleet, agile freight brokerage services, end-to-end supply chain services allows us to provide comprehensive solutions to address your complex logistics challenges. We offer small to medium business (SMB) full service advisory, partnering and outsourcing capabilities aligned specifically for you.  Using our industry expertise and diverse capabilities we can help you establish efficient cost-effective movement, handling and management of your goods with optimal execution consistent with supply chain requirements.

Value Added Sub Assembly

Kitting & Sequencing


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Integrated Logistics Solutions

Transportation Management

  • Distribution Network Coordination and Optimization of:
    • Channels
    • Facilities
    • Location and trading partner coordination
    • X-modal transportation integration and dispatch


Warehouse Management

  • Site Utilization
    • Physical facility needs
    • Location selection and securing
    • Labor resources and support
    • Working assets and tools
  • Production Improvements
    • Process optimization (LEAN)
    • JIT-JIS opportunity identification and implementation
    • WMS & VMI utilization
    • IT-enabled optimization


Inbound Material Flow

  • Materials Processing and Value-Stream Process Efficiency
    • End-use readiness
    • Optimization
    • Custom engineering and manufacturing value-add
  • Supplier Ecosystem
    • Location mapping
    • Aggregation and timing
    • Transportation planning and coordination