Warehouse Management Systems and Vendor Managed Inventory (WMS/VMI), are the foundation of our optimization tools that provide the automation and communications required for the movement and processing of your products across the dynamic distribution chain. We work to continually fine tune our VMI services based on each customer’s business, processes, manufacturing requirements and goals.

Our systems and services provide state-of-the-art handling and inventory tracking with unparalleled accuracy, enhanced visibility of your goods for faster turnaround times, and performance metrics for your decision support system. Our systems are also fully compliant for integration with leading ERP and supply chain applications in use today.

In addition, G&D can manage the inbound transportation as well as the truckload delivery to point of use, which further improves efficiencies.

Through the use of VMI, suppliers can strategically build stronger customer relationships. As a supplier you not only provide bottom line benefits to your customers, you also become a great resource and partner who provides insights about their inventory management and operational issues. When you implement VMI, you have the potential to develop closer customer relationships while helping them reduce their cost of sales.

Experience the benefits of our VMI services:

  • Complete real-time inventory visibility across your supply chain
  • Shorter lead times
  • Accurately control the availability and flow of goods
  • Reduce or eliminate stock outs and reduce uncertainty
  • Closer proximity to consumption point for increased service levels